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Kind Words from Our Grateful Clients

We have had 3 dogs since meeting Dr. Snyder Sontag 10 years ago.  Our first meeting was for an emergency surgery of our beloved lab, Emily. She treated Emily for the next 6 years of her life and at 16 years old, she helped us send her to the Rainbow bridge with dignity and love. She not only gave her excellent care, but gave us the support that our family needed during a very difficult time. We now have 2 more rescues that are young and healthy and know that Dr. Connie and her wonderful staff will be there for our pets, and for us, for many years to come. 

Jenni, Dan and Adam Goldstein

Dr Snyder,

You know I'm forever grateful for the quality health services you provide for my Maxy...I wouldn't trust any other vet to treat him....and your staff is outstanding !!!! Thank you all !!!!

Marzi & Eddie Gugliotta

Dear Visiting Vet,

It is important for me to share my appreciation of Dr. Snyder and the Visiting Vet staff with you. It warms my heart when I think about the kindness and compassion that was demonstrated by you when my dear cats Anakin and Phatty were treated there respectively for their illnesses. Dr. Snyder was so gentle with my babies and was on call every step of the way until they passed away not only as a professional, but as a human being who understands the love that I had for my pets. I encourage anyone that is looking for a true professional that includes her true love of animals to be serviced by The Visiting Vet. Also, the staff would accommodate me so kindly without any hesitation by coming in early in the morning to bring in my pet or wait for me after work to collect them. I could go to sleep at night knowing that I gave my pets the best medical care I could buy throughout the Visiting Vet.

Thank you so much everyone for loving my Anakin and Phatty as much as I did!


Victoria Legra LMHC,CAP,CCHT/AC

Dr. Snyder is a wonderful addition in our lives. Knowing that she is a phone call away gives us peace of mind. On Sophia's behalf we send thanks. Her parents Jeanne & David.

Jeanne Hardie

The Visiting Vet and their staff are wonderful, caring, kind, compassionate and will treat your pet with love and kindness. Their medical treatment and skill are first rate. My dog is not nervous when he visits the Visiting Vet. Dr. Synder and her staff treat him as a family member. You will always receive a follow up call the next day. You will be happy with all their services.

Susan Freshman

Hello…my name is Flora.  I’ve known Connie Snyder Sontag and have brought my ‘Seeing Eye Dogs” for service and care with the “Visiting Vet” since 1994.

My first dog guide “Michelle” was a big, beautiful black lab who quickly captured Connie's heart, even when she was so inclined to fear and reject her; she loved and cared for her for the 11 years that she worked with me…and when, at 13 years old she became very ill Connie was there to do all within her power and expertise to restore her back to health…but, as time and life would have it, Michelle continued to decline until we had to make the hard decision to let her go…and…as always, Connie was there; She came to my house, and joined me and my friends and family to gently say goodbye. I believe she cried as much as I did…She is a special woman who brings love and laughter in to the lives of all she cares for. I am happy to say that Connie and her staff are taking care of my third dog guide (Meghan); I couldn’t entrust my hairy four legged “eyes” to anyone else.            

Flora del Cueto LMHC

5 stars for sure. Great staff. The Doctor is amazing, nurturing, professional, knowledgeable....not enough words to describe.

Crystal/Ronald  Marini

Dr. Snyder Sontag has been my vet for almost 25 years now, and she has cared for my four dogs and four cats over that period.  I have great faith in her abilities as a doctor.  She knows what she is doing.  Moreover, her love for animals always comes through whenever she treats them.  I am happy to give her my strongest recommendation.

Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.

Excellent care...very professional, but caring.

Connie Hirni

My wife and I have been clients of Dr. Snyder Sontag for over twenty years, and that alone is a testimonial to the loving care that she has provided to our dogs throughout the years.  When we first came to Miami, with our three dogs, Sasha, Clancy and Schnitzel, we visited numerous veterinarians, many of whom appeared to be highly qualified, but each interaction left something to be desired, until we met Connie.  The first thing we loved about her was her obvious affection for all of our pets, and I might add, their mutual affection for her.  Up to the time we found her in her little office in the industrial area near the Falls Shopping center, our dogs approached entering the vet’s waiting room with levels of apprehension which ranged from nervousness to abject fear and trembling.  That all changed when we met “the Visiting Vet”.  I firmly believe that dogs are intuitive and can truly sense when an individual truly cares about them. Dr. Snyder Sontag and her staff have been with us through thick and thin; in the good times, as we adopted our new pets, and in the hard times through cancer and even a house fire.  As a research physiologist, I have an enormous respect for Dr. Snyder Sontag as a diagnostician and physician.  Time and again her assessment of our pets’ needs have matched, and even exceeded, those of specialists. If this letter appears a bit “over the top” let me assure you that even with all these superlatives it still falls short of describing our feelings for a woman and a staff that have provided for us everything we could ask for in caring for our beloved pets.

Joseph and Ruth Signorile

Great staff!

Miranda Johnson

Suerte (dog) and Dex (cat)  have been patients of the Visiting Vet for several years and they love going to visit Dr. Snyder Sontag and her amazing staff.  They all really love all animals and it shows in their professional, loving attention paid to the pets. They also are very thorough and try to be sure the owners leave feeling comfortable with the care taken and that they have provided clear instructions to the owners. The office also tries to accommodate our busy schedules.....they never say no....

Amy Repine

I have used the visiting vet for a long time and I am very thank full to the Doctor and staff. You just don't know how wonderful and caring this group is for your pets and for yourself. I would never go to another vet, I feel that this is my family doctor. I wish all my friends would go to her, to see the difference. Thank you Dr. and staff for all your support over the many years.

Candi Mohamed

For the past decade Dr. Synder Sontag and her wonderful team have been a trusting and comforting source of care for myself and my pets. I feel part of the informed decision-making process where my ideas and feelings are considered with respect. Here you will find the  sensitivity we all need when our pets are sick or near life's end. 

Debbie Albert, ED.S.

Always a pleasure. Dr. Snyder Sontag is always wonderful with my pets.

Sandra O'Malley

Excellent care and follow-up. They definitely know what they are doing!

Mike/Angie Audie

Dear Dr. Connie and the entire Visiting Vet Staff,

  We want to thank you for taking such good care of our dog Zuni. You and your staff always showed compassion and understanding during his illnesses and you gave him a new lease on life  with an excellent diet plan and the removal of the large cyst on his back. If not for your excellent care and warmhearted support during his numerous eye conditions and Cushings disease  we would have lost him far too soon.

  We appreciate all the glowing smiles and open love you showed for our precious Zuni, and though we will always miss him, we take solace in how well he was cared for and how much easier his passing was with you, surrounded by people who took such fantastic care of him. 

  We  must also mention that the compassionate way in which you helped our Darling Yoki when he was at the end his life is unforgettable. How can one ever repay someone that helps to ease extreme sorrow? This is priceless.We will forever regard you and your staff as the most amazing, kind and nurturing people that we know. 

Thank you again, and we will be certain to recommend your office to any pet owner!


Raul and Lia Sutherland

Dr. Snyder Sontag has been my vet for the last 14 years.  She has always been there for me and my cats.  If not for her and her amazing staff, I would have lost my Scooter a long time ago! Dr. Snyder Sontag is the only one who can calm Scooter in a stressful situation.  There is no one like Dr. Snyder Sontag!  I am thankful for the entire team every day!!!

Wendy Bloom

I've been through a lot with Dr. Snyder Sontag over the years with all of my pets. I am very thankful for everything she has done. Dr Snyder Sontag always has a good joke to lighten the mood! Her staff members are always attentive and helpful.

Chris Dobert

Always a pleasure to see Dr. Snyder Sontag and her skilled and friendly staff.

Chris Schweitzer


Frank/Annette Rivera

I was recommended to Dr. Snyder Sontag by a family member and I was extremely happy with the level of service that I received both from Dr. Snyder Sontag and her staff. I have had dogs in the past and this new puppy was for my daughter and Dr. Snyder took the time to explain things to me and my daughter and made us feel VERY welcomed. Her staff followed up with me over the next few days to see how things were going, something I never received from my previous vets...I plan on staying with Dr. Snyder Sontag and would recommend her to anyone looking for a caring Veterinarian...

Yamel Gonzalez

Very helpful staff, the Doctor knows her stuff!

Bri Pottinger

Hunny Bunny has recovered---thanks to Dr. Snyder Sontag's expertise and her staff. 

Dr. Snyder thanks for the wonderful and caring service that you always give to my pets. Your clinic is immaculate and your Staff, Lisa, Carissa and Dahlia are very skilled and caring. Love from Minnie, Pinky, Hunny Bunny & Bobo.

Judy Tobin

My 13 year old lab is no longer able to get in and out of the car. He totally freaks out when you lift him in and refuses to be drawn out. This was extremely stressful for the whole family. We were lucky to be directed to Dr. Snyder Sontag who came to our house and gave Kodi one of the most thorough exams I have seen. The doc changed his meds, treated my anxiety and called numerous times to check on my dog's condition. When I needed her again, she was there for us. Once again, the doc solved the problem and we are back on track. I know we are winding down, but some of that apprehension is relieved by having the visiting vet in my backyard!!

Judy Glazer

As always, the most caring vet.

Elene & Scott Raulerson

I've been taking my dogs to the Visiting Vet for the last 30 years. She has had to put two of my dogs down and has made that awful moment bearable. Dr. Snyder Sontag and her staff are amazing!

Anne Palacio

Even Past and Present Employees Have Something to Say!

Working with Dr. Snyder Sontag and my coworkers at The Visiting Vet has been (and continues to be!) a great pleasure.  All of us share a close bond and maintain relationships that expand beyond the workplace.  The clinic is my home away from home.  I am very fortunate to have landed this job at the young age of 17 because it has helped me grow on a professional and personal level.  Before working here, I lacked direction in life and I wasn't sure of myself.  I wasn't aware of my strengths and abilities.  The Visiting Vet introduced me to medicine, healing, and caring.  I've learned to bond and interact with animals and people on a new level.  I am eternally grateful to Dr. Snyder, Lisa, Dalia, Sean, Eddie, and Kat who have taught me so much over the years.  I am also very thankful to have worked with every pet and person who has walked through the door because I have learned something from each and every one of them.


Carissa Csanalosi

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