What we do at The Visiting Vet, a Humanity Sanctuary

The number one cause of pet anxieties and depression is a reflection of their pet owners' own struggle with these afflictions.  The general veterinary standard provides relief in medical ailments, but most veterinarians ignore and overlook the diverse and extensive relationships between humans and their four-legged family members.  While we like to think that our pets are family, and we treat them as such, we overlook the fact that humans and animals just think differently.   While humans and their children have the ability to make their own decisions and realizations, animals do not have the ability to rationalize or process cognitive thinking.  Animals learn by repetition and consistency.  Their intelligence is based on applying a solution to solve a specific problem.  Human intelligence allows us the ability to use thought processes in new ways and to apply the solution of one problem to another situation.  This is important to understand in order to fully comprehend what is going on in your pets' mind.  If we allow ourselves the open-mindedness of approaching our pets in a whole new way we can guarantee that your human-animal bond will be transformed with lifelong rewards and fulfillment. 

At The Visiting Vet, A Humanity Sanctuary, we focus primarily on restoring that bond.  We provide extensive and thorough programs that revolve around the entire family.  We use well-researched resources and modern behavioral modification techniques that can be interpreted into common sense practices.  We spend a great deal with family members and their pets both at-home and in our facility, to ensure a consistency in human-animal communication and follow-through.  Our services are based on individual family qualifications, and we offer flat-rate fees for at-home services.  We also provide extensive and unique services that include:

Human-Animal behavioral modification

Common Sense at-home training and enrichment

Family-pet bonding

Pet exercise programs and in-house Pet Gym

General Practice Veterinary services

Laser Therapy

Dental hygiene


House Calls

At-home humane euthanasia

Digital Radiology

Diagnostics -In-House

"New Pet" programs

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