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Connie Snyder Sontag, D.V.M.

Dr. Connie Snyder Sontag is a practicing veterinarian with a deep passion for Internal Medicine and animal behavior.  She has over 34 years of experience working within the veterinary community.  She is a board member of the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association (SFVMA), a board member of the Miami Veterinary Foundation (MVF), a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), a member of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA) and The American Society of Veterinary Animal Behaviorists (ASVAB). She is also Fear Free Certified  Her philosophy of "Family First" revolves around her passion to enrich the human-animal bond.  A Graduate of the University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine (1985), she has dedicated her life to enriching families and their pets with rewarding relationships and lifelong results.

Dr. Connie shares a unique and special bond with her clients and her patients. She understands their anxieties and emotional distresses that are caused by their environments.  Dr. Connie herself has been afflicted with cerebral disorder including Bi-Polar type 2 disorder and understands cerebral illness.  It is because of this that she finds a deep and incredible bond with her patients and their owners.  She understands more than anyone what it feels like to struggle with communicating with family members and their pets.  Her deep passion for animals has therapeutically helped her understand that animals are an intensely rich factor in a peaceful and loving home.  She specializes in human-animal bonding throughout the pets' entire life.  Her philosophy of death is the reason why she has become the number one at-home euthanasia veterinarian in South Florida.  "I believe that 3 things must occur in order to fully experience a pet's death: when we forget the name, how they look, and their personal stories", she says.  "Because of this, I make sure that my at-home euthanasia is a very loving and family-involved experience, celebrating the pets life's life and not it's death".

Since she began her practice in 1985, she has developed a personal experience with family members by enriching their relationships with their pets.  She created the Juvenile Justice Army, a non-profit organization that focuses on keeping juveniles out of prison by modifying their behaviors.  Her Humanist program involves extensive time and effort with individual families and their pets.  She provides thorough behavioral modification exercises that help family members bond with their pets, and diverse exercise programs ranging from pets who are overweight to pets who struggle with staying focused or have consistent routines.  Dr. Connie encourages you to call or visit The Visiting Vet, a Humanity Sanctuary, so we can help you and your family maximize the human-animal bond.

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